Whether your project is just beginning or you are an experienced working group facing new challenges… we can help you understand your context, define your vision, create a roadmap, build culture, work through challenges, collaborate more efficiently… Our collective strategies enhance your projects!


What we do

Whether for a long-term consultancy or for a quick intervention at a critical moment in your project, we use innovative social technologies that unlock creativity and strategic collaboration. We do not follow a model, instead we create unique action plans to serve the custom needs of individuals and groups, both in person and digitally.

Facilitation and Mediation

We use innovative methodologies to support collaborative projects, bringing a systemic view to the processes and security in decision-making. We also support groups through emotional challenges and conflict mediation. Our goal: Projects with purpose and direction + happy and effective teams!

Graphic Facilitation

We use Graphic Facilitation to make meetings more attractive and use Graphic Recording of content to convey strategic information with more quality. We can make complex content more digestible through visual information!

Communication and Branding

We help you understand and express your story, and communicate your value proposition to the world. We work with Strategic Communication, Branding, and Brand Positioning. We use our own methodologies to connect to the deeper purpose of your project, and to build the narrative of each action, generating quality and presence.


We can accompany your project in an integral way. In the dream phase: developing a vision, defining scope and fostering creative collaboration. In the planning phase: defining the information, resources and strategies you need to achieve your objectives. In action: supporting the effectiveness of collective processes and cultivating a systemic vision focused on collaboration, purpose and quality. In celebration: integrating new knowledge, systematizing what has been learned and evaluating results.

For who

Collective projects, organizations, associations and intentional communities.

Entrepreneurs and businesses committed to ecological and social regeneration.

Visionaries who dream of changing the world through inspiring projects!
We create collective strategies to meet your needs!

Who we are

An experienced team with a strong desire to create a better world together with people like you!

We are Dreamers and Doers. Planners and Celebrators. Our commitment is to support collaboration through projects that build a regenerative present and future.

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